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Bruce Lehrmann’s rape trial jury discharged

The ACT jury of Bruce Lehrmann’s trial for the alleged rape of former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins has been discharged.

This occurred after a juror was found to have conducted their own research and brought a research paper on sexual assaults into the jury room. This was discovered after one of the court officers, who was cleaning the jury room, accidentally found one of the juror’s folders onto the floor.

The juror had brought in a research paper on sexual assault, which attempted to quantify the number of false complaints and interrogate the reasons for making false complaints. The use of the research paper was contrary to at least 17 directions given by the trial judge for the jurors not to conduct their own research or enquiries.

Jurors when sworn in promise to base their verdicts only on the evidence in the trial, not extraneous material that may be controversial and which in any event has not been tested.

This is the latest setback after Lisa Wilkinson had caused the trial to be delayed as a result of a self-indulgent Logies speech.

Bruce Lehrmann now faces a retrial.

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