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Son of Kristina Keneally charged with fabricating evidence

Kristina Keneally is a former Premier of NSW and Labor federal Senator.

Earlier this year, she failed to win the federal seat of Fowler from her residence situated at Scotland Island, a water-borne community situated in an estuary called Pittwater, part of Broken Bay in northern Sydney, New South Wales, and lost to local Vietnamese immigrant Dai Le.

Keneally rose through Labor’s ranks by being close to corrupt former NSW Minister Eddie Obeid. Keneally’s only demonstrated talent, as far as we are aware, is to ingratiate herself with powerful people within her own party, including Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi, who installed her as NSW Premier. She failed in that role, and voters rejected her when she ran for Bennelong. As Shadow Immigration Minister, frankly, we didn’t trust her to turn back a canoe.

It may come as no surprise given the above that her son, Constable Daniel Keneally, has been charged with corruption.

It is alleged that Keneally jnr submitted a false report of a man named Luke Moore threatening to kill a police officer, which resulted in him being refused bail. Luckily for Moore, he had recorded that conversation. Sometimes it pays to be paranoid.

Police ‘Verballing’ is an old problem, and one which used to be more common. It can be safely assumed that this practice still continues to some extent.

We saw Kristina Keneally give evidence in a defamation trial in 2019. She was by far the most smug witness we had ever seen.  Keneally’s son must share much of that smugness if he was engaging in fabricating evidence.

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