Sterling Law is one of Queensland’s leading civil litigation firms, holding several Queensland and Federal public judgments that have impacted both industries and the public. We have represented a federal Senator, a CSIRO scientist, and a corporate whistle-blower at one of Australia’s biggest energy companies.

If you want to sue or are being sued, it is extremely important that you have lawyers who fully explain to you the process, your options and the advantages and disadvantages of each proposed course of action.


The decision of whether to engage a barrister on your behalf is a complicated one which depends on a number of factors, including the monetary size of the dispute, its complexity and the stage in the proceeding. Despite the extra cost, having a good barrister advocate on your behalf can be a great investment that pays off later.


Litigation is normally an expensive process. You need competent representation to protect and promote your interests. We have the diligence, experience and track record to help.

We can act for you in the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court, QCAT or the federal courts. We also are experienced in appeals against decisions of judges and Magistrates.

In order to save unnecessary expense, we will always explore ways to resolve the civil dispute without going to trial. There are many options. We can send through formal offers to the other side, have the matter set down for a mediation or conference or even just pick up the phone to the opposing lawyers to see what their position is and see whether the dispute can be resolved informally. Sometimes it is worthwhile to remember or discover the underlying motivations and interests of the parties to explore creative ways of resolving the dispute in question.


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