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Sterling Law is a winning law firm based in Oxley, Queensland but servicing the greater Brisbane area. We provide our clients with high-quality legal services and cost-effective solutions.

Why us?

We have the skills and experience to understand your legal problem and explain your options to you

We avoid use of legal jargon wherever possible and explain the issues in a straightforward way so that you can easily understand our advice

We put your interests first and strive to get the best outcome for you

We are friendly, flexible, approachable and accessible

We are highly accomplished and have the track record of achievements that demonstrate that we are an elite Brisbane law firm. 

Do you have a legal problem?

Sometimes clients approach lawyers about their problem and it is too late for a good outcome to be achieved. Once legal proceedings have been commenced, there are usually no inexpensive options. And once judgment has been obtained against you there is often little that can be done. In our experience the sooner you obtain legal help the better.


Even if you don’t have a legal problem yet, seeing a solicitor before any potential problem arises in order to protect your interests can save you a lot of time, stress and money later on.

About Us

Sterling Law services the wider Brisbane area. We are friendly, honest, approachable and accessible. We always put the interests of our clients first.
Family Lawyer

Our Legal Practitioner Director has substantial experience in family law,  litigation, and personal injury matters.

He has appeared in the Supreme Court of Queensland, the District Court of Queensland, the Magistrates Court of Queensland and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (now the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia) on many occasions.

He diligently pursues and achieves results in family law property settlement and parenting disputes. 

He has had carriage of many personal injury matters, but Queensland legislation prohibits us from discussing the outcomes he has negotiated for his clients.

our clientstestimonials

Stewart Boyd
Sunday April 9, 2023

Dear Leon.

Given the fact, that a single man cannot be a true, nor honest representation of himself, without the calm, yet strong, thoughtful, and encouraging backing, of Genuine, Classy Advisors, liken to yourself and your Law-Firm (Sterling Law Pty Ltd), Accompanied by one of the best, If not, the best QC (KC) in this Country to-date in Mr. Tony Morris QC (KC), that has unreservedly, and without substitution of facts, at Law, Accomplished a thing, that seemingly aut to be perceived as an impossible task set before you all as a team, Yet with the confidence, and self-righteousness, that should always walk hand in hand, with the one thing most treasured, both at Law, and in everyday life;
Only, in our society, and as a people, we mostly, and adversely concede to forget as the one main principle of life;

Being our continuous humble fight for Honesty, Integrity and Judgement above all else.

I would be honoured to endorse, not only your work, but the encouragement that was, and has always been gratefully excepted by myself from you as my Legal Representative, and yourself being someone that I have been able to, over time, extend my honest confidence to, for you to clearly project at Law, in-order to, ‘set a president set by no other, (at Law)’;
And as a friend, in an age where an untruth, is excepted with provocation, before the humble truth still awaits a mere glance in time.

For all of your hard work, I will never forget, and forever be in your debt,
For your kindness as a fellow human being, I am at a loss to describe the amount of gratitude I wish to extend to you,
For your ability to serve, project and protect another person’s honesty, through, or at Law,
You are an amazing person, and relentless, Akin to two pieces of steel bonded together,
As Yourself and Mr. Anthony Morris QC (KC) have done.

As for the restoration of a faith in humankind that may have seemed lost;
I would tell every living person to simply call you (Stirling Law Pty Ltd), or Mr. Tony Morris QC (KC), If they have an honest misgiving that will only be righted, through hard work and dedication, As has been the case, throughout and Quoted herein.

Wednesday February 8, 2023
Leon and Noel were assigned to me through Crossed Examination Scheme after 3 years of self-representation. They were able to settle my court case through intense document collection and cooperation.
Leon is very precise and clear on instructions and provides practical directions. And they are both actively involved with great understanding.

Grateful for your help to finalise our case in two court events within seven months.
Saturday July 2, 2022

Approached Leon from Sterling Law with a criminal defence matter. My future was looking bleak and jail time for the offences was practically guaranteed, Thanks to Leon I walked out of the court house that day with an extremely favourable outcome. I would highly recommend him for criminal matters.

Emma Osborn
Friday December 3, 2021

I had been to many different Lawyers and it wasn’t until I found Leon that things started to happen for my family law matter. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and above all has great foresight to help take your case where it needs to be. I highly recommend Sterling Law and Leon.

Tuesday November 9, 2021

I engaged Leon from Sterling Law to represent me during my Divorce and his service was first class. He provided me with sound advice from the start and wrote an excellent affidavit that contributed to a favourable outcome. Would recommend to anyone that needs legal representation for Divorce proceedings.

chris clayton
Monday March 22, 2021

Great lawyers

Stephanie Pidd
Tuesday September 15, 2020

Sterling Law are fantastic. Very caring and responsive. Well priced and professional. Leon is an all round great solicitor.

Friday July 6, 2018

A great experience, Leon helped simplify and bring ease to my case, he was thorough, he held integrity through out my case and at the same time was affordable and flexible with payments. Highly recommended.

Adam Thorogood, Southern Cross Mechanical
Wednesday July 4, 2018

Leon was the only person to show interest in our issue due to the minor nature. He was very helpful in his advise and got the desired response very quickly. Thanks again Leon, will definitely see you if needed in the future.

Friday August 4, 2017

Leon Bertrand did a fine job. Given he only had just under 4 days to prepare. Took the time to get to know me on a personal level. I appreciate it. Top price and great service. Thank you.

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