We operate the Sterling Law Information Institute (SterLII), an emerging online free-access resource for legal information provide access to copies of unreported, obscure or otherwise hard to find legal resources.

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Sterling Law commenced as an incorporated legal practice in late 2015. We are a firm that believes in providing high-quality legal services but without the massive fees of inner city law firms.

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Why us?

→We have the skills and experience to understand your legal problem and explain your options to you

→We avoid use of legal jargon wherever possible and explain the issues in a straightforward way so that you can easily understand our advice

→We put your interests first and strive to get the best outcome for you

→We are friendly, flexible, approachable and accessible

→We have a low cost structure, which means that we can provide high quality & affordable legal services.



Sterling Law can be contacted by phone on 07 3667 8213, or by email:

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