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Why you shouldn’t talk to the police

Outside of the legal realm, telling your side of the story at the earliest opportunity may be often a good idea. But in legal matters, things work very differently. In many situations, saying less is better than saying more, and saying nothing at all is better than saying anything.

This video discusses the reasons why it’s usually a very bad idea to talk to the police, even you are not a suspect or are innocent of the crimes they are investigating. In short, you have everything to lose and everything to gain from doing so.

The risks are compounded if you are legally inexperienced, and therefore cannot foresee how a statement you might make to the police could later be used against you. Once you make a statement to police you regret, in nearly all situations it is impossible to undo.

This is why you have a right to silence, and should use it!

There are of course exceptions, such as if you want to confess in full and then seek a discount for being cooperative.

When considering whether to talk to the police, including doing a record of interview, you should at the very least seek legal advice before doing so. Otherwise, you don’t know what you might be getting yourself into.

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