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Why Nicola Gobbo informed against her own clients


This blog has previously reported on former barrister Nicola Gobbo  aka “Lawyer X”, who was also a police informant, often informing on her own clients and helping the police secure convictions against them.

During the Royal Commission centred around her antics, the topic moved to her motives.

Why did she do it?

Why did she betray her own clients, many of whom are extremely dangerous, egregiously breach legal ethics and throw the legal profession in Victoria into disrepute?

It turns out that she wanted “to belong” in Melbourne’s underworld and feel valued:

“I wanted to belong. I wanted to be the holder of information about every drug trafficker up and down the supply chain

“Income wise those were the worth people because paid they paid the QC and everyone else left waiting … (It was) more my inability to say no and my need to be wanted and be valued, or feel valued.”

The lengths some will go to for validation. And all the trouble she has caused!

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