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Chris Dawson to stand trial for wife’s alleged murder


Nearly 40 years ago, Lynette Dawson mysteriously vanished. Yesterday, her husband Chris Dawson was committed to stand trial for her murder.

This latest development is hardly surprising: it is unusual for Magistrates to refuse to commit a matter for trial. All the Prosecution has to show is that a reasonable jury might convict the accused at a trial of the matter. Unless there is some glaring problem with the Prosecution case, it can be confidently assumed the charge will be allowed to proceed upon indictment in a higher Court. Matters of credibility or reliability of the evidence of the witnesses are usually left for a trial jury or judge to determine.

Mr Dawson’s solicitor Greg Walsh has said that it is too early to determine whether Dawson will seek a judge-only trial due to the enormous publicity the case has attracted.

A trial is expected to take place later this year.

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