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Sterling Law unfazed by Coronavirus

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Despite the Coronavirus wreaking havoc, we are pleased to inform you that it is still business as usual for us. Our office remains open Monday-Friday each week, but we are willing to see people via Skype or some other form of videoconferencing if preferred. While some other law firms are afraid or panic, we remain optimistic, and aim to minimise the impact of the current worldwide pandemic on our ability to help you.

However, for some clients of our firm, particularly who mostly comprise of small to medium businesses, another significant impact of this disease is the prospect that they are facing is a massive downturn in business.  For some small and medium businesses the survival of their business is, uncertain at best.

Our firm exists to help businesses and people with problems and disputes and to resolve these issues to impact people’s lives for the better. We consider that at the moment, giving business owners and individuals proactive advice in order to best protect their business regarding this pandemic is the best contribution that we can provide to our clients and our community at this time.

Given the high possibility of a recession in Australia, there is a greater risk that people who may owe you money will refuse to pay you. We can assist with debt collection if required. But given that the Courts may be shut down for long periods, there is always a risk of delays. For most claims, a person has six years to commence proceedings. If you have a looming limitation period, it may be prudent to file in Court soon in order to protect your interests.

Please contact us if we may be able to assist.

Stay safe.
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