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Sue Chrysanthou SC restrained from representing Christian Porter

Defamation specialist Sue Chrysanthou SC has been restrained by a Federal Court judge from representing former Attorney General Christian Porter in his defamation suit against the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and its star reporter Louise Milligan.

This is a blow for Porter, who had engaged Sue Chrysanthou SC after the ABC aired allegations that he had raped a member of his debating team in the 1980s.

Today’s decision came after Jo Dyer, director of the Adelaide Writers Week, a witness in the case and a friend of Mr Porter’s alleged rape victim, launched urgent Federal Court action earlier this month to restrain Ms Chrysanthou from acting for him.

Justice Thawley ruled that the integrity of the judicial process and the due administration of justice required Ms Chrysanthou to be restrained. Furthermore, whilst Ms Chrysanthou had given evidence she did not recall any confidential information and that she no longer had emails received in connection with the meeting, Justice Thawley held that:

“However recollections are liable to being revived and there is nevertheless a risk of subconscious use of confidential information”

Detailed reasons for his decision have been suppressed so the confidential information is not revealed.

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