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Dear Leon.

Given the fact, that a single man cannot be a true, nor honest representation of himself, without the calm, yet strong, thoughtful, and encouraging backing, of Genuine, Classy Advisors, liken to yourself and your Law-Firm (Sterling Law Pty Ltd), Accompanied by one of the best, If not, the best QC (KC) in this Country to-date in Mr. Tony Morris QC (KC), that has unreservedly, and without substitution of facts, at Law, Accomplished a thing, that seemingly aut to be perceived as an impossible task set before you all as a team, Yet with the confidence, and self-righteousness, that should always walk hand in hand, with the one thing most treasured, both at Law, and in everyday life;
Only, in our society, and as a people, we mostly, and adversely concede to forget as the one main principle of life;

Being our continuous humble fight for Honesty, Integrity and Judgement above all else.

I would be honoured to endorse, not only your work, but the encouragement that was, and has always been gratefully excepted by myself from you as my Legal Representative, and yourself being someone that I have been able to, over time, extend my honest confidence to, for you to clearly project at Law, in-order to, ‘set a president set by no other, (at Law)’;
And as a friend, in an age where an untruth, is excepted with provocation, before the humble truth still awaits a mere glance in time.

For all of your hard work, I will never forget, and forever be in your debt,
For your kindness as a fellow human being, I am at a loss to describe the amount of gratitude I wish to extend to you,
For your ability to serve, project and protect another person’s honesty, through, or at Law,
You are an amazing person, and relentless, Akin to two pieces of steel bonded together,
As Yourself and Mr. Anthony Morris QC (KC) have done.

As for the restoration of a faith in humankind that may have seemed lost;
I would tell every living person to simply call you (Stirling Law Pty Ltd), or Mr. Tony Morris QC (KC), If they have an honest misgiving that will only be righted, through hard work and dedication, As has been the case, throughout and Quoted herein.

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