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Graeme Page KC’s bankruptcy led to loss of practicing certificate


In October this year, we were the first to report on the demise of the career of Graeme Page KC, who was caught appearing in Court representing clients without a practicing certificate on numerous occasions.

Since then, we have fielded numerous telephone enquiries from concerned members of the public who have been unfortunate enough to have dealings with Graeme Page. In order to placate the hunger of such concerned citizens, and by popular demand, we have taken it upon ourselves to report further.


Our investigations unit has uncovered that Page went bankrupt on 21 February 2019, after committing an act of bankruptcy on 3 April 2018 due to his unpaid tax debts.

However, on 24 May 2019, Page’s bankruptcy was set aside by Federal Court Justice Rangiah. This may explain why a bankruptcy search of Page does not yield any results.

No practicing certificate

Due to his personal solvency issues, Page was required to disclose his income tax returns and his quarterly BAS statements, but subsequently failed to do so, resulting in his practicing certificate not being renewed. Page blamed the pandemic, workload and his health issues for these failures, but the Bar Association resolved that he was not a fit and proper person, with its President Tom Sullivan concluding that Page had shown “blatant disregard for the ethical responsibilities that come with holding a practising certificate”.

A source at the QLD Bar has informed us that aware of his issues with the Bar Association, other learned Counsel offered to assist Page with his tax affairs, but Page failed to accept such offers.

Subsequently, Page engaged in legal practice without a practicing certificate, resulting in the Chief Justice ordering him to cease doing so.

We are also informed that soon after the injunction was made, Page was found again appearing in the Federal Circuit and Family Court, and that then-Bar Association President Tom Sullivan had to come in and drag Page out of Court.


Practicing without a without a practicing certificate is considered a very serious matter. Indeed, it is a criminal offence. It can end up in removal from the roll. Given Page did it on numerous occasions, Page’s chances of avoiding such a fate would appear to be slim.


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